Future Plans

Mexican Indigenous Archive

This archive will include sound recordings and liner notes that are part of a project by Vanderbilt ethnomusicologist Helena Simonett. Her ongoing project focuses on ceremonial music making/dancing among indigenous people (Mayo-Yoreme) of northwestern Mexico, a farming region heavily affected by modern agricultural technologies. Globalization (more specifically, the North American Free Trade Agreement) is transforming the lives and cultural practices of indigenous communities in this area. This archive will include sound recordings that have been made for the musician’s use and liner notes created by Simonett for use by researchers.

Collier Tango Archive

The Simon Collier collection includes materials used by Simon Collier, Professor of History at Vanderbilt prior to his death in 2003, to research the Argentinean dance, the Tango. Simon Collier was one of the world’s leading authorities on Latin-American popular music, in particular, the Tango. Materials that will be digitized for inclusion in the Global Music Archive include cassette tapes, correspondence, research notes and images.

Blues Archive

The Blues Archive includes a large sound recording archive of blues music collected by the Peter Redvers-Lee, the co-founder of the Fat Possum record label, a label that specialized in discovering blues players from the North Mississippi region, many of whom had never been recorded. Redvers-Lee was also the former editor of Living Blues magazine, America’s oldest and most authoritative blues magazine. This archive also includes the sound recordings captured by Vanderbilt musicologist Robbie Fry whose research is focused on Mississippi and Arkansas blues musicians.